I'm posting this information hoping that others will read and possibly be tested for this.  I am currently going through DMSA chelation treatment for mercury toxicity.  As some of you may know, I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sjogrens, chronic Candida overgrowth.  According to my doctor and research that I've read, mercury and/or heavy metal toxicity can cause any and all of these and all autoimmune conditions.    Please read these links and consider being tested.   You just might be overlooking a very large piece to the puzzle.


> This link is basic info on dmsa and mercury sources..

> http://www.dmsachelation.com/mercury-poisoning/

> This one is good too....
> http://www.evenbetterhealth.com/heavy-metal-poisoning-mercury.asp

Take care,


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Thanks for helping to piece together the information. I am going to get testing for candida overgrowth and heavy metals.

I also have fibromyalgia, CFS, sjogrens (not officially diagnosed yet), suspected Lupus, to name a few.

Thanks so much,

You're welcome.  If the doctor tests you for candida, it may or may not show up.  Doctors can usually diagnose you by your symptoms.  This link gives you a good list of symptoms for candida overgrowth  http://www.all4naturalhealth.com/symptoms-of-candida.html


My doctor explained this connection to me regarding candida and heavy metals, but I found this article that mentions it. 



If you read up on the heavy metals and candida, it will start to make sense on how so many of us have various groupings of chronic conditions


It will be interesting to see how your metal testing comes out.



Thanks! What do you think of the claims that this is false information? I believe I came across a quack watch warning. I'm not sure how to react!


Well, I did not have provocation before my testing was done.  My levels were just high, period.  Plus I have all the symptoms.  I also have amalgum tattoo in my gum still.  When the dentist cut open my gum and extracted the chunks of mercury amalgum, the tattoo(bluish purple area of tissue) slowly faded out.  There is now a narrow line still in between my teeth.  That mercury being in my tissue for twenty five years is enough to warrent chelation.

The article that you posted keeps talking about "provocation."  That it when a patient is given a chelator such as dmsa or dmps etc to see how much they dump out into their urine.  Of course it raises the level.  But my doctor did not do that.  My levels are just high from exposure.  According to research, everyone has some mercury or other metals in them, but some are not as affected as otherst.  Heavy metals are not a natural component of the human body.  They don't belong there.  Why anyone who is symptomatic and positive in their testing would want to leave it there is beyond me.  I've been sick for years and have developed autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and thyroid disease.  I'd have to be brain dead to not want this stuff out of me. There are no magic bullits out there to cure everyone of everything instantly.  But the closer you can get your body back to it's normal state minus all the chemicals, , the better chance of healing and recovery you have.  Leaving heavy metals in your body would be like saying "I have Lyme, but I'll just leave it there", they have been debunking Lyme for years.  Or at least trying to.  Now the truth is coming out.

Debunking is very common practice and some of it is political.  Remember, if people start getting well, the drug companies and a host of other medical practices will not benefit.   


That's my opinion. 



I agree with you. And why would anyone want heavy metals in their body? I hope to get rid of them if they are present. So stay tuned!

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