My doctor recently ran a Zyto scan on me to determine the areas of my body that had problems and to help guide him in his treatment plan for me.  The scan is easy, painless and is computerized.  It prints out a graph of body organs and indications along with specific recommendations for supplements needed to support the problem areas.  Many members of the local Lyme support group here have had the scan done by their doctors and are advocates of it's usefulness.  My doctor did not charge me anything for doing the scan, but some do charge $40 or more.  It can be used to track the progress of your treatment plan.  Just thought I would post info about it.

The following link is a long version description of the technology and how it developed.


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That is really cool. I did something similar on my Colorado trip.

Were the results what you expected ?

Yes, extremely accurate and it really honed in on the hot spots.  It also gives the indications for emotional issues underlying organ function.  That was surprisingly accurate, too.  It shows your teeth too, and I have two show up as problems, and interestly enough, the one is the tooth that has the mercury amalgum tattoo on the gum and the other tooth has receded gum that my dentist reminds me of all the time. 

One of the members of the local support group might just buy one so we can all scan whenever we want.  I hope he does, he is a biologist.  I hope he gets it.




Thanks, that led me to search the manufacturer and I found this brand that my doctor has.  Looks like there are different models.....


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