Lyme Disease Support Network

A Few of My Favorite Things


I'm sure we all have our go to for dealing with pain or fatigue and I thought that maybe we could share some of these together. It would be great for new members to have information like this in one spot, and those who are very familiar with Lyme can always find something new that helps make them feel better.

For really bad pain days, my go to is a piping hot bath with Epsom salts. My pharmacy carries a lavender scented version, and it takes about a cup for a tub of water. Luckily, my tub has jets too! I soak until the warmth goes out of the water. Sometimes, my muscles get so relaxed that I'm a little uncoordinated when I get out, so I recommend a spotter or just being very careful the first time.

To help with sleep, I do the hot soak first. Then I have dried lavender sachets that I've made that I stick in my pillow case. It's also important to make sure that the bedroom is a comfortable temp before I get in bed. Over time, I've accumulated really nice bedding, pillows and a gel mattress topper...my bed is like a cotton cloud! Super comfy.

I have more that help me with pain, mood, and sleep, but it would be interesting to hear what other members have to say. I look forward to your replies! Thank you for participating. :-)


I can get lost in a movie or tv show, so when my brain cooperates I do that. Sometimes I can’t even stand having to focus on a story, or I can’t tolerate noise, praying for others or about the crazy things going on in the world, it relaxes me.

There are also binaural sounds, Google it, YouTube has many binaural sounds videos to listen to. Put on your headphones and let go!