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A lot of neuropathic pain, Lyme or not?


I am 53 years old and live in MA. I had a tick embedded in my body after returning from a camping trip 16-17 years ago. I didn’t have bulls eye rash or any other early symptoms of Lyme so I just pulled the tick out without any test done. This was the only time that I am aware of a tick bite. I hadn’t had any typical Lyme symptom until last Oct. except leg/feet cramp a few times per year in last few years.

I started having minor pelvic pain in Oct., 2017. It lasted 2-3 months then stopped without any treatment. The pelvic pain returned on the right side in June and became sharp, stabbing pain. I also started having leg, feet, ankle, knee joint, lower back pain in July. The pelvic pain is persistent and leg, feet pain is intermittent. Then my right shoulder blade, arm muscle pain started in Oct. I went to many doctors including gynecologist, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist. They ordered pelvic, abdominal, lumbar MRIs, ultrasounds, and lots of blood and urine tests. None of the results can explain why I have so much pain, especially on my right side. Other than pain, I feel relatively ok.

Do my symptoms match Lyme’s? Could Lyme cause pelvic pain? My PCP suggested Lyme test. Should I insist on both Elisa and Western Blot tests? What kind of specialist do you recommend?

Thank you!


This is merely an opinion as you have asked and we are not here to diagnose or deny any persons. As those of us with lyme have been treated as if nothing is wrong by many physcians that is not my intent.

With that disclaimer I personally do not think this sounds at all like lyme
You certainly are not elderly, yet as people age certain muscular skeletal systems may not function as they once did especially if you have not remained q consistent level of activity
therein using less muscles. I recommend finding a good chiropractor. I would further explain, yet I’m not having such a good day


serenely, Thanks for your response and suggestion. Does that mean Lyme patients always have many different types of symptoms?

A little bit of my background. I was pretty healthy and fit, went to gym 5 times a week before this summer. I never had knee/back issue before as well. Then all of a sudden, these unexplained pain popped up. I had my knees and spine checked by orthopedic surgeons and a neurologist. They didn’t find anything remarkable. I am trying to get a diagnosis.


Your situation doesn’t sound like lyme diease, it would be exceptionally unusual to be asymptomatic for decades then suddenly start having problems. Have you been screen for fibro?