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Advice for a spinal tap!


Hi everyone, My name is Alyssa DiGiacomo. I’m 20 years old and have been suffering from Lyme disease for the past 12 years. I went to an infectious disease recently, and she wants to do a spinal tap to rule other disease out and to see if it is truly Lyme. I want to do it and see if there is anything else wrong because I’ve been to dozens of doctors and they can’t help. However, I’ve heard that having surgery or other procedures can cause the Lyme to flare up. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this or had any advice that could help. Thank you!


Don’t have surgery. I had 3 surgeries and they all have made me worse.


Pep talk over. I may have some ideas for you to consider, but first I get where you are at, and many of us understand what you are going through. As many many Dos, even infectious “specialists” are entirely clueless about what lyme is and how to treat it, perhaps you can go to a web site called envita.com they have several wonderful videos about lyme, how to test for, treat and deal with it.
The Western blot test vastly used for lyme is pretty much useless, I was diagnosed with a test called lyme immuno assay. Antibiotics “may” only help for a short time, and I feel really don’t work either, perhaps you can google something called Herks reaction, may explain worsening symptom you mat sometimes have. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarisch–Herxheimer_reaction
The treatment that saved my life along with a God send lyme literate Doc, is called LDI or low dose immuno therapy, perhaps research it as well. It takes time, but for me faith in a God that loves us, and the above mentioned items have helped me to pretty much get rid of the lyme entirely.
Hope it helps- Ray