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Any advice for someone starting Byron White regimen?


Hi. I was diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia in December. I will be starting a Byron White regimen next week under the supervision of a Lyme Literate NMD. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or words of wisdom? Thanks in advance.


Never heard of it friend, the only truly effective treatment I know/take to treat and give one lyme immunity is called LDI or low dose immuno therapy, injection under the skin every seven weeks, its basicallly saved my life. I still am going through some things, but NOTHING like before. Take care, Ray


How you were diagnosed is important. Beyond that Byron White is pure quackery.

BUT WAIT before you quit reading, not for the reasons you think.

Despite the cost of about 140.00/oz he recommends 3: A-Bart, A-Bab and A-L Complex. each bottle is about a months supply. If you choose the Ayurveda medicine route, that certainly is your choice but Byron White regimen is neither allopatic or Ayurveda its just expensive stuff in a bottle that he advertizes well. The key to Ayurveda Medicine is a highly skilled person individualizing the preparations based on the patient need. Consequently a Lyme Literate NMD is very unlikley especially if he is selling you high priced of the shelf goodness knows what. A competent Ayurveda practitioner will make a fresh mixture based on his exam of you and the match of symptoms. The Buhner protocol easily matches the Byron White regimen at a fraction of the cost matched to your needs

Sida Acuta and cats claw are the base of both protocols and one could always add artemisinin tablets and duplicate both at the same time. All are available on Amazon. If taste of the tinctures get to you, you you buy the loose herbs and make capsules yourself. The Plum flower brand is excellent.

Because you are fighting fight spirochetes various proteolytic enzymes (lumbrokinase, nattokinase, serrapeptase, and a general enzyme mixture similar to Wobenzyme)might not be a bad idea.

Of course even if you get it all, there is little to no evidence that these protocols effect anything but your pocket book. The practitioners claim it takes at leats a year to see results. The interesting fact is that over 80% of these cases self correct in 12 months even when the initial infection was not treated. The practitioners can look pretty good… ( sort of like orthopedic surgeons doing miniscus repairs…)



I’d say to look up Herxeimer reaction/die off and get familiar with what the symptoms look like so you will know what’s happening if you get them! Also, invest in some supplies to help you deal with any die off you will potentially get. I really recommend Nutramedix Burbur tincture - 10 drops really helps take the edge off die-off symptoms; hot epsom salt baths; activated charcoal (although this can be constipating, and do not take near other food and supplements as it can absorb their nutrients); making sure you have at least 1 bowel movement per day so toxins are not lingering in your body (Magnesium, Vit C, triphala and slippery elm can help with this, as can enemas); anti-inflammitory diet (modified paleo: low sugar, no gluten, no dairy, low grains, LOTS of veggies!)
All these things will go a long way to help you feel better. And be kind to yourself! Die off can suck, so if you are feeling crappy then let yourself rest, drink lots of water, sleep as much as you need to and let your friends and family know what is going on so they can support you. Remember, the die off will pass and you will start to feel better after it goes!
I’d recommend keeping track of your symptoms and medicine dosages - I use the Symple app on my phone. Really helpful.
I did Byron White AL Complex and NT detox for awhile, but in the end it wasn’t the right treatment for me - not strong enough I think. I am now doing a modified Buhner protocol which has really helped me a lot. Everyone reacts differently to different medications, so just keep track of your symptoms and progress - if Byron White works for you, then great! If after some time it doesn’t seem to be helping, have an honest conversation with your doctor about other options, and if they can’t help you do that, find someone else.
One last piece of advice - talk to your doctor about a parasite cleanse. My latest doctor has me doing it, and I have been doing some research online about them. A lot of people with Lyme have said that getting rid of parasites really helped in their recovery, and based on the amount of parasites I have, I think getting rid of them may be a missing key for my recovery!
Best of luck & hang in there!



Thank you again so much for all the advice it is SO helpful most of friends and family have a hard time understanding what Lyme is and the treatment process. Can I ask what happened during your Byron White treatment I do not quite understand the process of it but have been reading up on as I feel the antibiotics are not doing much but making me feel awful. Also I am for sure going to look up the parasite cleanse as I do morning and evening smoothies one fruit one veggie and have eaten mostly vegan for many years. I have a hard time staying away from rice, do you feel it makes a big difference when you cut stuff like that out? Thanks again and I look forward to talking to you more.



Thank you Sarah (sleepykitchen) for the advice and info - much appreciated.

I am aware of Herx reactions. I have been having them after my IV therapy. But I found that ingesting Bentonite clay, high dose Vitamin C and using a Castor oil pack provided me with a lot of relief. I will check out the Nutramedix Burbur tincture though. Can never have too many tools in the arsenal.

I have done a couple of parasite and protozoa cleanses so far. They did make me feel better, so I wish you luck with yours.

Thank you again


Please be sure to inform your doctor of any supplements, treatments, procedures or extreme changes of diet!

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