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Babesia - lingering symptoms


I’ve read through hundreds posts about Babesia, but one thing I really haven’t been able to get an answer to is how long does it take for lingering symptoms to fade? I was one of the lucky ones (if you can call it that) who was bitten, diagnosed, and treated quickly. Felt like a ton of bricks hit me but within a month or so symptoms where abating. Each month (it has been 6) there has been improvement (albeit slowly) in my lingering symptoms. I still suffer from fatigue, subtle balance problems, and sensitivity to temperature changes. Every variation of tick-borne lab work you can think of has been repeated multiple times all negative now. Clearly the inflammation associated with Babesia gave me a beat-down. I’ve come to understand anecdotally that it is just a slow crawl to normal which may take a long time.

Not looking for additional treatment advice but just some reflections on the journey for those of you that are following a path similar to mine.

And let me share my hope and prayers for those hit hard by this…so inspiring to see how strong you people are fighting this beast.


Hang in there and always feel fortunate to be doing better .


My name is Jessica, and my husband Alan has neurolyme. He has severe neurological deficits. He has been herxing quite awhile on Dr Raul’ s restore kit. We are also looking at Infusio for treatment . Which primarily is a 2 week series of restoration of the body. They have success with stem cell treatment.