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Chronic Lyme disease cause of PCOS?


I’ve recently been diagnosed with PCOS, and am wondering if it’s a domino effect of the Lyme disease illness. I don’t fit the criteria to have PCOS in any way, because lifestyle and diet are as good as they can be, and have been for years, ever since starting to treat Lyme disease, and weight fine and family history of it nil… so just wondering if anyone else has developed PCOS after having Lyme or other chronic illness for a while, and if so, if it resolved itself after going into remission from the illness? Knowing this will help me decide with the doctor what medications I should risk, or whether or not I should just concentrate on treating lyme and that might be the best way to help overall health.


Just saw this even though it was written months ago. My daughter was just diagnosed with PCOS and has been dealing with lyme issues for several years. No idea if the two are related or not. Interesting though.