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Co-infections with lyme disease


My son was diagnosed with lyme on his 6th birthday almost 4 years ago. The drs. keep telling me he’s fine but every time he plays hard for long periods of time, hes stuck in bed for 2-3 days after ward sick. He experiences headaches, fatigue, vomiting, muscle cramps, joint pain and fevers. He can also get sick at a moments notice for no apperant reason, such as he can be fine on minute and vomiting the next or fine one moment and running a high fever within minutes. My question is could he have a co-infection that is causing this?


Hi, In a way I understand the painful irony of your son being diagnosed on his borthday, in my case, I was deserted by the person I was married to the same week I was diagnosed, a week after my birthday which was also my anniversary. Anyhow, HE CAN GET BETTER, it may be a good idea if you look something called a Herksmanheimer reaction/lyme disease die off. There are people who dont believe in it but myself the personal evidense seems to be overwhelming. Also, perhaps it may be a very good idea to seek out a lyme treatment specialist for your son. The standard antibiotics are somewhat ineffective as the bacteria can shift to a cloaked phase or a bofilm phase making them invisible as well as immune to antibiotics from the pharm companies. My life saving treatment was called LDI, this stands for Low Dose Immunotherapy. My understanding of this treatment is after a time a human being basically develops a customized designer reaction to destroy the lyme, regardless of what phase or tissue they are in, thus you get better and it lasts. My physician also has several months ago placed me on CBD therapy, and my God it makes me feel better! This is basically marijuana which has had the get high drug THC removed from it, so you only get the creator made medical benefits of it. It has helped my body to get rid of the pain/swelling/fatigue and mind fog the disease causes.
In my case I was symptomatic for probably ten years, then finally diagnosed and properly treated three years ago. It takes time, and you probably will have to pay cast for these treatments (its really not that bad overall), if you choose them. But finally my physician has told me its time to speace my shots from every seven weeks to however long I can stand before needing another one. So, pretty much I am healed (thank God), _ have been able to return to lifting weights around three months ago after years lay off, I am sleeping better and feeling human/happy again.
Deeply I wish your son and your family the best, it is a blessing that he has a family around thet cares about him and will never leave him.