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Dr. Cameron -- Mt Kisco NY?


Has any one had experience with Dr. Cameron in Mt. Kisco, NY? If so, I’d love to hear any feedback as I am contemplating an appointment with him.



You can save yourself thousands of dollars and just join the ILDAS yourself…Then you are an expert


How do you get treatment? And it’s so confusing between herbs, antibiotics etc. and so many question whether I have it at all…



ILDAS members are generally what are called “Lyme Literate Doctors” (although many are not "medical doctors but are NPs or Nds. More than a few of the MD types have been sanctioned by the real Medical Societies.you don’t need any special training etc to be a member of ILDAS. Itss more political than medical Many if not most are on the edge of “quackery” using poor or incomplete science at best to sell treatment that often is harmful but almost always requires massive cash out lays as insurance doesn’t cover what they do. IMO they simply are preying on desperate folk.

The illness you have most certainly is real but it is not caused by active Lyme or “co-infections” the testing these folks use looks for antibodies (usually Igenex). The presence of antibodies only indicates an exposure (they can in certain instances indicate disease depending on the banding) You have antibodies from every disease or vaccine you have ever had. But certainly don’t have all of those diseases.

When I was a young man my best friend and I got sick at the same time. He ended up with Polio (yeah I’m that old) and has an arm he can’t fully use today. I had the same exposure but ended up with rheumatic fever and an effect on my heart that I still live with. My friend no longer has polio, and I no longer have rheumatic fever. Both diseases could be treated until the cows come home and neither his arm or my heart would ever get better.

The most difficult thing about lyme is that when the disease is done, the damage remains in about 5% -10% of folk. The damage that is done will never go away from more treatment of the Lyme.

The easiest way explain it (although not entirely accurate) is that you are left with an autoimmune disorder (usually inflammation) that causes all manner of difficulty. The best specialist to deal with it is a Rheumatologist. Antibiotics will help a little as they are anti-inflammatories, but there are cheaper, safer, and more effective ways to deal with those issues. Treatment involves treating what you have today not a disease you had months or years ago that caused damage then.

I would bet you don’t have Lyme, but rather evidence you HAD or were Exposed to Lyme in the past (same with most of the coinfections) PTLDS is very real and a problem to deal with because EVERYONE is different and their immune response unique.


Very skeptical of LLMDs in general, I called in and the receptionist jumped directly into the first visit was (I think) $900 and monthly amount for antibiotics after that without even asking anything about my condition. Also saw that there was some action against him by the AMA/CDC or something in the last 3 months.


Thanks so much for the response and insight. I hope you are feeling well today!
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