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Electric sensitivity causing your symptoms?



I've been a member of this forum for several years now and I have noticed distinctly that the sensitivity and increase in my symptoms occur whenever I spend time on the computer,
watch tv or are in any environment that has bright lights or alot of electrical equipment. I've spent alot of time researching this and finally decided to actually do something
to improve my environment and minimize the exposures.

Doctors, even the good ones, could not offer much help in this area of electric sensitivity even though they were very interested in it and had other patients who reported
the same problems. I've heard other members of the forum say that they experience this same reaction to electrical equipment and also to changes in weather, storms, rain and barometric pressure
changes, all of which increase symptoms such as pain, fatigue, headaches and brain fog, etc.

Some of the major electrical offenders that emit the emf/electromagnestic fields and radiation seem to be cell phones, microwaves, smart meters(installed on homes
in recent years without permission)that make people very ill, tv's, WiFi, and all wireless electronics, cell towers, cfl bulbs, but there are many other things that
you would not realize that may be affecting you.

About electromagnetic fields/EMF......


Wikipedia link on EHS/Electric Hypersensitivity


Stephen Magee's website is an excellent source and direct contact with him can be made for consults and/or environmental inspection of the home, or just
general information.




Please check out the links on this page of his website....

http://environmentalradiation.com/#Harmful Radiation

I have found his books, such as Health Forensics, Toxic Electricity, and many more of his publishings, contain information that is crucial
for those of us who are suffering with chronic pain and fatigue, and other chronic symptoms. The following two books of his, along with others can be found
on Amazon and are very affordable.



Also, you will find that he has posted numerous videos of his reseach and finding on youtube for people to watch and learn from.

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Thanks for checking it out. Please read those two books by Steven Magee that I listed if you get a chance because there is much more to all of it. It's too much for me to type it all on the forum, or I would.

If you have those symptoms that you mentioned, you surely are being affected. Once you become electric sensitive, even the direct sunlight will cause you to have symptoms. It's cumulative. Steven Magee is expert on the subject and has been victim of the ehs himself. He's been able to get his health back to almost hundred percent but still has to be careful and take certain precautions. I had him inspect my home. I'm in the process of making some changes in my household.

There are ways to shield yourself and avoid exposure. Plus you have to actually detox yourself off of the electric sensitivity. It doesn't just go away by itself.

First thing on the list was to get rid of the "smart meter" that the electric company has sneakily installed on most homes since 2005. It should be replaced with the older type analog meter. The new ones have transmitters in them emit tons of harmful radiation constantly. When I called the electric company and requested to take it out, they put in another one that was even worse that gave me sever migaines. For two days they wouldn't quit. I called again and demanded an analog. They begrudgingly gave me the one I wanted and my headaches were gone immediately. The electric radiation affects our immune systems and makes us prone to illness, such as chronic lyme infection.

Electronic security checks would be one and any automatic door opening such as the retail stores have. Your doctor is right and might like to have a copy of book. I'm giving copies to each of my doctors. I worked for years in a toxic building which was a call center for nurse case management and hundreds of computers and an airport just behind the building. I started to get sick during those nine years that I worked in that environment.

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This EHS problem is more widespread than you might think. Communities are cropping up for people to go to and live away from the EMF, and also MCS, which I suffer with.




Hi Allergic,

thank you for posting this- very enlightening. When I think of how EMF's affect us, I imagine the sensory technology that shows one where EMF is most prevalent- TV's, computers, lights, et al, emit an unbelievable amount of energy! Imagine being enveloped in that pervasive field...thank you for mentioning other sources such as meters as well. Makes me want to move to the wilderness and live off the land!



CFL bulbs,, ionizing smoke alarms are two more things that should be replaced, and can be easily, with regular incandescent bulbs, and optical type/photoelectric smoke detectors. The metal wires in under wire bras are toxic since they act as antennas for electrical current.. This can cause cellular changes/cancer.

Way back when people lived off the land they probably didn't live as long, but were probably healthier during the years of life. Now we live longer but are plagued with these chronic illnesses. I think I'd rather have shorter but healthier. lol



There are a number of sources on this topic of electromagnetic sensitivity. Most sources are completely unverifiable. I can find little information on Steven Magee, the author mentioned above. However, I was able to find a few articles that contradict the statements by Magee that electricity can cause adverse symptoms in people. This is a branch of pseudoscience. We have enough to worry about without folks with a few initials at the end of their names adding to the fear and confusion.

Just because someone manages to publish their words absolutely does not make them fact. In our world it doesn’t take much to be able to publish their words, ideas, and experiences regardless of whether or not they’re true. We need to be incredibly vigilant in our research. When writers address studies to back up their claims, we need to read those studies and make sure they actually say what the writer says they do, and that they are good studies to begin with. We need to check up on the writer’s whole body of work, certifications (and the organisation awarding them), and any news articles about that author. Always thinking critically will keep us from being suckered by those with ulterior motives abs outright quacks.




I'm thinking if computers and wi-fi are a problem., maybe you should avoid them or cut back on the number of sites you are posting on..........


Steven Magee makes his living on electromagnetic sensitivity. The more they find and publicize, the more money he makes. You can post as many of these unverified studies and sites as you wish, just as I can find a number of sites with publicationa from educated people that say the Chupacabra exists and that global warming is made up…that doesn’t mean that any of these things are true.

The only factual thing I can find in the OP rakes to the impact of weather in pain, fatigue, and increase in symptoms. These have been verified and the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.

This discussion does nothing but fuel fear, suspicion, uncertainty, and doubt, and therfore does not meet with the mission and goals of the group to provide evidence-based information.


I learned that turning my mobile devices on airplane mode drops the electric potential, below 0.01. So as strange as it may sound, I compose my texting, emails and writing stories on Medium in airplane mode, then send them through the network via wifi or LTE. Then turn my cellphone back to airplane mode. Yes, it is obsessive-compulsive behavior but it helps with me not having seizures related to electromagnetic hypersensitivity.