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Essential oils... need some info


anyone know about essential oils and their use for us "lymes"????


Hi Richard,

This looks like some promising information.



I hope that this info is helpful to you and that you will hear from other members about this.

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I am most familiar with the oil of oregano! This fits the bill on so many levels!


Hi Richard,

I spoke with a naturopath friend about essential oils and "oil pulling". She said that antimicrobial herbs and spices include oregano, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic, cumin, basil, sea salt, ginger, rosemary...and to make an herb mixture with these (and others and not necessarily all at once...should taste decent) into a tea/broth..

As well, she mentions "oil pulling" as a process of detoxification. You would put extra virgin olive oil (probably 2 TBS) into your mouth and hold under your tongue for 15 minutes. The oil "pulls" toxins through the huge veins under your tongue. After the 15 minutes you are to spit it out...the soaked oil is theoretically full of expunged toxins. I have done it... the process is easy but leaves a strange taste in the mouth...