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Help Herx reactions


My wife was recently diagnosed with lyme, she has been on a regiment of antibotics. She is currently taking a combination of rifampin and minocycline. She had a bad herx reaction initially when she took this a week ago so we have reduced the amount since then. Any recommendations on how to handle herx reactions (supplements, activities, etc…)?
Also, any ideas that have helped lyme symptons outside of taking antibotics. We are new to this treatment and looking any answers. I feel terrible seeing my wife laying in bed not being able to get up
thank you for any considerations, this sounds like a great website.


My daughter found some relief using Alka Seltzer Gold. For some reason it has to be Gold. Baths with epsom salts are also good. My daughter has also had some helping with some symptoms of lyme using essential oils and supplements. There is lots of info on line about the oils…do be careful how they are used…they can cause herxing. She sees a doctor who works with a lot of lyme patients and she is the one who guides the supplements. Best of luck. It’s hard to watch someone you love go througt this disease.


Here are a couple good websites about Herxing: http://realfoodrebel.com/dealing-with-die-off-reactions-from-parasites-lyme-disease-and-yeast/
Things I find helpful during a Herx (combining multiple approaches give the best results)
-Nutramedix Burbur Detox - an herbal tincture that helps with die off. 10 drops as needed, can be taken multiple times a day
-S-Aceytly Glutathione capsules or ACG Glutathione spray (best option) (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E7L9SSM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_AWk6zb0PVHDMZ) I take this daily, 1 cap in morning, 1 in evening or 10-15 sprays am & pm. Can be doubled during Herx reactions. This is a supplement that helps your body’s detox pathways and most Lyme Doctors put their Lyme patients on it. Expensive but really helps!
-AlkaSeltzer Gold - this seems to help lessen the symptoms (alkalizes the body). Also good for nausea if you get any. As needed several times a day.
-Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal - 2 capsules. Take minimum of 1 hr (ideally 2 hrs) away from food and meds, as it will absorb all the nutrients! This can be constipating, so just be aware of that. I don’t take this all the time but it does help on days I’m feeling really ill.

  • dry skin brushing before a shower or bath, especially on areas of the body with lots of lymph nodes. You can look it up online for more info
    -hot baths with 1-2 cups of Epsom salts (Really helpful especially for aches); you can also do a foot soak as well)
    -anti-inflammatory diet (ie Paleo or Wahls). Definitely consider gluten free and possibly dairy free initially
    -make sure you have daily bowl movements. Some natural options that are non-habit forming that help me are Slippery Elm (2 caps at night, and 2 in the morning if needed, but start with 1 at night), Magnesium Citrate, Buffered Vit C
    -drink lots of water!
    -lots of rest! Sleep as much as you body needs, and take it easy.
    -It’s good to keep track of symptoms daily, as well as new medications you add. I find it helpful to look back and see correlations between the two. The Symple app is great for this

I did not tolerate antibiotics well so I have been doing an herbal protocol based on the Buhner protocol for a couple years now (with an herbalist who specializes in lyme) and it is really helping my Chronic Lyme. I hopefully can finish in the next 6 months. Remember everyone heals from lyme differently so it can take some trial and error to find the best treatment.
Best of luck!

I am unsure what to do

thank you so very much for all this information, it is so grateful