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Help! My boyfriend has Chronic Lyme Disease


Good day! I am new to this group and I wanna know more about the treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease. My boyfriend believes that he has this condition. He told me he has been bitten by a tick when he was a kid but he was treated kinda late. He has taken antibiotics and his symptoms were gone. But right now, he has been experiencing stomach aches, heart palpitations and difficulty in breathing. He also gets tired easily. What are other treatments than can “cure” his condition or that can help him reduce its symptoms? Thank you very much!


@cthrngnzls You say your boyfriend believes he has Lyme disease? Just because he has been bitten by a tick does not actually mean he will get Lyme disease or it’s co infections. The symptoms you describe are just a few of the many symptoms of illness, however nothing entirely screams Lyme disease. With that being said, I would recommend he get tested (although tests are not accurate) it’s still a good start. A doctor can make a clinical diagnosis but again he’ll have to fall into the category of symptoms. After having gone through the process, I can say that the symptoms sheet they’ll have him fill out won’t pass him for Lyme disease (if tests are negative) with just those symptoms. A doctor may also require a full check up, including process of elimination to make sure there are no existing autoimmune diseases or conditions. I would also recommend getting his vitamin levels checked to make sure there’s no deficiencies. A good doctor will also inquire about exposure to mold and test for inflammation, heavy metals toxins, and other bacterial infections.

I would like to note that most doctors are absolutely ignorant and heartless and useless when it comes to the subject Lyme disease. If your boyfriend feels like there’s something truly wrong, keep fighting the system. Don’t settle for opinions, push for facts. If he does in fact have Lyme or co infections, don’t be surprised if a doctor tries to pass it off as fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, and the most common and frustrating one of all ANXIETY (it’s all in his head). Keep fighting.

In the mean time, I would have him on a strict diet. Look up the autoimmune disease diet. That’ll explain everything. No smoking no alcohol, these just add unwanted toxins into our bodies and cause more inflammation. Lots of water to flush toxins, lots of rest. That’s all he can really do until he meets with a doctor to get a diagnosis.

You just wanna make sure you’re treating the right Illness. I wish you guys the best of luck! God bless.


Thank you for responding! He has been diagnosed with the disease when he was a kid and the doctor has prescribed him to take Doxycycline. He has taken it for a couple of weeks. And then stopped after the treatment schedule. Back then, he has mentioned that he has been also suffering from muscle pain and that he’s getting thinner. My boyfriend is a healthy person, his diet is always good and he works out three times a day. Water consumption is also good. No alcohol and such. But rn, the symptoms stated are getting worse and yes, doctors have been saying that there’s nothing we could do.


Ok, so he’s already had a diagnosis. It’s very possible and common for symptoms to show up later in life and come and go. If he was diagnosed as a kid he should be able to compare how he feels now to how he felt then, if he can remember. He’s had other tests done since then? Vitamin levels, thyroid, cmp panel, CBC panel, Inflammation markers, xrays, ultrasound, ekg . Has he seen a cardiologist? If so have all the tests come back normal?

I had a lot of heart palpitations, shortness of breath, loss of balance, chest pain… The hospital thought I was having a heart attack at one point, a stroke another time and they thought I had a fatal clot in my lungs, turns out it was all Lyme disease. But they had to do a ton of testing to rule out anything that could potentially cause my heart and chest to react this way.

At this point, I don’t think antibiotics will do him any good. And to be quite honest, it’s been a failing method at treating this disease in later stages. Natural remedies are most popular, and it’s all about getting the body healthy so it can fight the disease. That’s when the supplements will help the immune system. I wouldn’t have him work out at all… it can cause a herx reaction- which is basically the symptoms caused by the die off toxins, and the symptoms he has now can worsen.

You can always see a holistic doctor that can perform more tests and give him a specific protocol that works for his body.

I’ve found success with diet, rest, vitamins and supplements, probiotics, organic apple cider vinegar (I drink it three times a day before meals, mixed with water), lots of water to flush toxins, I had to get my gut to work properly with diet (that was the most important thing I’ve been focusing on). I also found out I was very low on B12 which helped some of my heart and chest symptoms.

I believe it’s on April 7th, but there’s a conference being held in California where they’ll talk about new diagnosis methods to get an accurate picture of what’s going on in our bodies along with some advice on how to deal with symptoms and herx reactions until they figure out a treatment. There are people actively focusing on this disease and my guess is within the next year or so they’ll advance further to finding a solution. So hold on, and just guide him and tell him it’ll be ok.

It’s up to you guys if you want to go that route and see a natural doctor. It’s expensive but its worth it. Or you can try natural remedies and see which works. There’s a product called natural calm it’s magnesium citrate and it works wonders with heart palpitations, stomach pains and chest pain. May wanna give that a try too! I know a lot of people that use it with success.


Thank you so much!


Anytime, best of luck!