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Help! Seeking a LLMD or Specialist in Greater Boston Area! Or CT or NY.. I dont care at this point


Hi, I am in the greater Boston area. I have had Chronic Lyme and have been going through the ringer for some time now… 8 years off and its back again. Currently seeing a doctor that has me on a regimen of 4 antibiotics (doxy, rifampin, clarithromycin and nystatin, etc.) along with a several supplments. I am seriously scared for my health and have not been able to see an end to this. The antibiotics have helped a little bit but with elevated liver enzymes high enough to stop treatment for a week or so and restart. I am now considering to stopping treatment and seek new help. They make me feel absolutely horrible … chest pains, stomach problems and irritability. While being off them, I feel better with the exception of the myalgias, various arthralgias and lack of energy throughout the day. I am willing to seek help at any cost. Can anyone please recommend/refer me to a LLMD or specialist in the Boston Mass or surrounding areas that has helped with this disease in this stage. Looking for someone with knowledge and experience with their recommendation.


Hi Tom,
I live just outside Boston and have a few doctors I can recommend. I’ll send you a message privately with some ideas in a moment.


Thank you so much Sarah!