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IV Infusion therapy


Hi all. I’ve Been off the radar because i was sick,anticipating and preparing for ending my leave on Oct 30th (the employer gave me an extended leave without pay. Big problem,since all the antibiotics I am on are still not killing this off. I told the employer about an IV infusion therapy that I have to do two months…7 days a week plus a weekly visit by a nurse who comes once a week to make sure the iv is clean, changes the dressing. I think its helping, too earlu to tell. It’s free for me because i have paid for the highest plan. My 5000 deductible was mAxed out.
Im still taking all the antibiotics minus minocycline (too strong for me to handle). The dr has pit me on an alternate antibiotic that is supposed to help keep the kidney stones “away”. (Ceftin has been withdrawn from the protocol until the infusion is done.
After i told HR about the iv, they called and gave me until nov 30. I will qualify for medicaid and am trying to figure obamacare options
I am having a heck of time trying.to fgure out if i should go with United medicade or neighborhood Health medicade.
I cannot lose a day of the therapy…oh and my computer And phones crashed due to a virus. I feel like ive been on the phone non-stop. It’s exhausying.Today, after the infusion i.got reAlly tired. If anyone else hAstried iv therapy, pleAse share your experience. Thanks

Gotta go, way past bed time.



Medicaid is not likely to pick-up IV antibiotic therapy or home healthcare, in fact few healthcare plans will. None will cover more than 2 - 4 weeks. There are a few instances with neurologic issues and a rather lengthy list of documentation where a single round will be covered. Here is one such policy but is pretty much standard:


Two months with co-therapies seems off to me in any event. That even exceeds even ILADS treatment standards


I was on IV antibiotics for almost 5 months. When I got to the Vancomycin antibiotic, I started feeling SO MUCH better! It's my personal opinion that the right antibiotic for someone depends on where the bacteria chose to attack.

As a WARNING to everyone, I started on the IV's in late January of 2014. In mid-April, I received a letter from my insurance company (BCBS) telling me they were reviewing a claim and it specifically stated there was no reason to contact them or my provider. In mid May, the rejections started rolling in. They hadn't paid for a single treatment and no one, not even the drug provider, bothered to tell me. I racked up $20,000 worth of debt. I'm on my 3rd appeal and still fighting it, so BEWARE.

I'd love to know what insurance plan you have that is paying for it. I switch to Medicare in July and am looking for a good secondary plan.




Hey Andrea, I had IV (PICC line) therapy for 8 months. We found out that my insurance wasn’t paying and the company hadn’t contacted us about getting paid, somehow they couldn’t bill us for it, it was illegal ? So we didn’t have to pay. The pharmacists we talked to said that the billing department had screwed up several accounts, like mine, it wasn’t just one incidence.