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Iv meds


Hi I am a new member although not new to Lyme. I was born with it and got reinfected 7 years ago. This has been a tough road for sure. I have been treated 3 years off and on with antibiotics and for a brief few month period we though I was in remission…that was very short lived. I took another western blot a month and a half ago because I was feeling so horrible and this western blot was VERY positive. My Lyme doctor wants to do iv meds now since oral antibiotics didn’t work. Has anyone had any luck this way?
I also will do holistic supplements also…I just want my life back.


Hi Bmb3288, I’m sorry to be welcoming you here but I’m glad you have joined us. Have you tried using the “search” to look through old discussions? There are tons, and they may help you out in the meantime while people get back to you here. The search icon is in the top right, and it looks like a magnifying glass.

I imagine that IV antibiotics will be helpful, but I am just a volunteer here :frowning: Good luck and let us know how it goes,



Hello Bmb3288. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the antibiotics not working. Sometimes antibiotics aren’t the best option for some and so there are other options, that some of us are able to take that are just as helpful.

Ironically I was reading on this website last night, and feel the need to share this with you.


It talks about a different approach to killing the bugs, by using a few different antiparasitic supplements and rotating them through out the month. You’ll have a couple day break in between each one and the reason for this is so we can out smart the bugs. They become comfortable rather quickly with knowing when the body is safe for them to play, and when it is not. Therefore this approach will help kill the bugs using three different methods and each time you rotate, the bugs won’t know what to do or what’s going to hit them. And those breaks in between, well that of course is the best time for the bugs to come out in full form and away from hiding, they think it’s clear but two days later you hit them with another dose and they die.

This is a new way of treating it and the herx can be horrible. I’m currently on amoxicillin three times a day and had to skip it yesterday and today because of how bad my symptoms are. I also would like to mention a supplement a good friend of mine with Lyme, had recommended. It’s called burbur detox and it helps fight against a her reaction, if not eliminate it.

Don’t give up. I was rock bottom, wanted to end my life because I felt like there was no way out. But there is a way out and that’s called having faith that you’ll get through it. God carried me through this journey and even on bad days I know he’s here with me pushing me towards getting better. It’s not going to be easy but I promise you’re not alone. We all can come together and fight this. One day, well find a legit treatment that works for all and we’ll put this all behind us. Until then, listen to advice from others and give advice to others. We all need to help each other!!


Is your doctor suggesting a 28 day cycle of ceftriaxone? If so, I would say yes because 2 1/2 months of doxycycline didn’t work for me. My lyme arthritis didn’t start to clear up until I started IV antibiotics. However, if you decide to start on an IV drug, DO NOT do more then 28 days as there are serious side affects. If you are seeing a doctor from Infectious diseases, they will only give you 28 days. Lyme literate doctors will keep you on meds for months…sometimes years so don’t see them. Best luck to you!