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Living a nightmare that won't go away!


Hello fellow Lymies! I am new to the community, but certainly not new to Lyme. I have had Lyme now for 25 years, and was finally treated 2 years ago. (I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid at 14) I have seen 2 doctors and have undergone almost 2 years of antibiotic treatment, etc. At my last appointment my dr retested and told me that I seemed to have more lyme in me than when I started treatment… So I was told to stop. A year has gone by and I can feel all the symptoms creeping back in… But now I am having horrible gut issues. Has this happened to anyone else? So not only do I have my fatigue, headaches, fuzzy brain, but now I have stomach aches consistently. I am so frustrated. I am at the end of rope and feel as though all hope is lost. I just can’t seem to find a Dr that can help me… And I am so tired of always feeling sick. Is there any herbal supplements that you have tried that has worked??


Hi there,
I’ve had lyme for 7 years and been in treatment for 3. I tried antibiotics and they also destroyed my stomach after only a few months so I switched to herbs. I’ve had great success with a modified Buhner protocol - after 2 years on them I’m feeling generally really good (except for die off days of course) and am getting close to ending treatment. One thing I’ll mention Is that what works for one person may not work for another - so it may take some trial and error but definitely worth a shot if you are not tolerating antibiotics. I recommend Stephen Buhner’s book, Healing Ltme and there is also a website buhnerhealinglyme.com that has some good starter info. However, it would be a good idea to work with an herbalist familiar with Lyme (potentially Buhner protocol if it resonates with you - there are others out there too like Cowden) if you go down this route so they can help you tailor the protocol to your needs.
I’d also recommend looking into probiotics if you are not already taking them to help with gut health. Cutting out inflammatory foods like gluten also helped me with stomach issues after abx.
Good luck!


Stephen Buhner’s book, Healing Lyme was a game changer for me. Of course I’m not “cured” but I have more functional days than before sense being on Buhners protocol. I have a double sided MTHFR gene mutation so I have a very difficult time detoxing, and my methylation pathways are a hot mess. This causes a terrible Herx with anything I do…I us the Ion cleanse by AMD for detoxing. It has helped A LOT! I’m so sorry you are in the Lyme nightmare. I wish we could all wake up from it. Wake up and resume our normal lives! I know everyone is different but perhaps Buhner could help you.