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"Looking for an MD in North Central Arkansas"


I am attempting to locate anMD that is sympathetic towards we that suffer from TBI’s, in North Central Arkansas, or Southern Missouri.

First contracted RMSP and others in the summer of 2012. I believe that Lyme was a possibility, however, the Physician indicated his inability to make the “Lyme” determination because of the length of time of the previous test. West Blot was possibly used, as these doctors worked for the VA.
Last year is was Rabbit Fever, from same location. Now, about two months ago another bite. and The symptoms feel just like the illness in 2012.
I need another MD, other than the VA. All they know is Doxcycline, and they believe that one dose knocks the bacteria down.
Sorry for being so long winded. If anyone knows the location of a Lyme doctor in the above mentioned area, pls. contact me.

Bob Root
Thank You.