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Lyme and pregnancy


I was born with Lyme because my mom has it and passed it onto me. On Friday my doctor took me off birth control because the hormones may cause blood clots and I have had 3 in 4 months. I am unable to do an iud because my body rejected it. I am worried that I may get pregnant and what I would do if that happened. My body is weak and would not be able to support a pregnancy and the possibility of passing the disease on is high. It was suggested that I tie my tubes and freeze my eggs. Is it unreasonable to consider This? In the future would I even be able to carry my own children anyway? or would I have to use a surrogate so I don’t pass the disease on. I am 18 years old any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated


It really depends on how much function you have. Can you work, exercise, cook and pay your own bills? If you can do all of those things, and you want a baby it’s feasible.


Some days I can do those things but most days I need help with simple tasks I was also just diagnosed with a blood disease so I will not be able to take birth control for probably the rest of my life as my chances of blood clots and pulmonary embolism are approximately 70% higher


Hi Brooke!

Well, you’re not at the point of having children yet and you have more important things to focus on at the moment before that could even be a consideration. There is no sense in worrying about it yet because you have no idea how things are going to turn out. Focus on your priorities, first one being your health and getting the lyme symptoms under control, which is entirely feasible. Then get the rest of the important things in your life on track, school, job, money, etc and enjoy your youth as much as you can.

Its actually better that your off the pill, it can have some negative effects on the immune system and can turn out to be quite pro-inflammatory. Just use another contraceptive, situation handled. If your body is in a fragile state, I would think something drastic like surgery would be a bad idea. If the same person that is handling your lyme is the one that suggested getting your tubes tied, I would consider getting a better Dr. Especially if you’ve gone this many years and are still having that hard of a time. PM me for some suggestions if you need to.

When the time comes and if your ready, though it may not be ideal to be a lyme carrier and have children, its entirely possible. Both myself and my fiance have lyme, her for at least 6 years. We have a wonderful healthy 3 year old boy. He is lyme positive too, but because we handled everything from nutrition to detox to antimicrobials properly before, during, and after the pregnancy and have given his immune system the best support we could- breastfed for 2 years while she was taking herbals that were recommended for the 2 of them (that he got through the breast milk), didnt upset his immune system with any vaccinations, and keep him on a super foods anti-inflammatory diet, he is doing great.

It was sketchy a couple times, his immune system is still touchy. As an infant, he developed a mold sensitivity in the first apartment we were in that resulted in him having short seizures a few times a day. Because we were already on high alert for anything, we noticed it only happened when he was at home and it had started just as the snow and ice dams were melting and causing a wet spot on the ceiling along with a musty smell. He spent the weekend at grandma’s, the problem went away, and he never went back in there again. Later on, after a routine cold/sore throat, he developed what looked like pandas and started having g.i. problems as well. We pulled him off sugar, yeast, and a couple other foods that got red flagged because of the food (and poop lol) diary we were using, put him on monolaurin, dha, and vitamin d right away and the problem resolved itself in a week or 2. That was 6 months ago and because of our quick action and diligence, he’s still doing great. All in all, ahead of his peers by a long shot in every way.

So, its not perfect. Its not easy. At times its scary. But we’ve always been smart, diligent, and disciplined and so far things are working out and we wouldnt have it any other way. I would say he is in fact healthier and better off than he would have been had we not had lyme and gone to the extremes we have to ensure his health.

You’re trying to take on a lot, mentally, all at once, in a time and situation that makes it hard to do so before all of the facts are even in. Just take things one careful step at a time, have a plan, and do the best you can. Thats all anyone can do. If the future you want turns out to be in the cards your dealt, great. If not, accept and be grateful for what you do have. We only get one life, there’s no sense wasting any of it worrying or being anything other than happy, as hard as it can be sometimes. Best wishes darlin, take good care of yourself.


Not being about to take the pill or use an IUD are minor issues, really. There are thousands, if not millions, of women who can’t use either of those for various reasons. You’re going to have to use barrier methods is all: Condoms and/or Diaphragms.

These are effective methods, you simply need to learn how to use them properly and use them consistently. Specifically I advocate for condom use as it stops STD infection as well.

As others have said, you need to take it slow! Learn more about your particular situation. Get your own health under control. Finish high school if you haven’t yet. Get a steady job. Get in a committed relationship. Then worry about children.


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Hey brook, yes enjoy ur youth as much as possible considering all and all. And perhaps once recovered and had some time and strong anti inflammatory diet and supplements, I encourage you to try getting another non hormonal iud. I got mine like 5 years ago and while it was certainly very painful initially, and it has helped clear up many of my issues like cysts on my ovaries. Don’t eat processed sugar, do exercise ur but off as little or much as you can, and while we’re on the subject of children though ur much too young to be thinking about it - who says that you have to have a child come out of you in order for them to be YOUR child. Consider becoming a foster parent when the time is right.