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Lyme disease and herx


I have been on low doses of antibiotics and had to go off twice already due to a herx reaction. Anyone else experienc this? Do you go back on in 2 days? Thanks!!


Hi I have Chronic Lyme disease and was put on heavy duty
antibiotics for five years. You feel a lot worse before you feel better. Most of the time you feel as if you were run over by
a truck. That usually means that it is working. Sometimes my
dr prescribed so much for my protocol that I had to take a couple days off to recover. It depends on th person and how they much they can tolerate it. I know with me I had to go slower because it was to much for me. You just have to try and take it day by day and keep reaching for your goals. God bless, and good luck.


Thank you so much!! I can’t even tolerate low doses. How are you feeling now?? I hope much better!
Do you know anything about Picaridin bug lotion and mixing it with suntan lotion?
God bless you too!!!