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Lyme Spirochete Cysts and "bursting them"


I think its important to clear this up. There are no cysts to burst. There is not one shred of evidence that such a thing exists. To begin with "cyst" isn't very descriptive. There are two possible meanings in the medical world.

The first is used to describe any closed cavity or sac -- both normal and abnormal -- that is lined by epithelial cells, although in some locations, it may be lined by connective tissue or bone. Obviously THAT has nothing to do with Lyme

The second is used to describe a stage in the life cycle of certain parasites (e.g., Echinococcus granulosus) during which they are enclosed within a protective sac called a hydatid cyst. Some bacteria (Bacillus and Clostridia species) -- certainly not Borrelia burgdorferi -- form protective structures called spores; however, no bacteria form cysts.

The use of the term "cyst" with reference to B. burgdorferi or any other bacterium is incorrect. In most cases, the term is used to convey the false impression that, by forming "cysts", Borrelia are some how able to escape destruction by antibiotics and host immune defense mechanisms, so that they can establish a long-term persistent infection. or that they have some how built immunity to antibiotics. The fact is, if the bugs were encased in a "cyst," they could not POSSIBLY cause active disease.

The other possible use of the term use the term "cyst" could be to describe those structures (e.g., L-forms or "cell-wall deficient" variants) that are not part of the normal growth cycle of Borrelia, but which are formed after exposure to antibiotics that influence cell wall formation.

There are two types that differ only in the amount of residual cell wall material that they possess: spheroplasts, which still contain some remnants of cell wall material; and, protoplasts which are completely devoid of any cell wall material . Neither one would be antibiotic resistent.

These types can revert to the original form when placed in an antibiotic- free environment. If they revert, it happens quickly after antibiotic treatment stops. Neither is surrounded by a "cyst-like" protective structure. There is no reason to assume that they are any less permeable or susceptible to antibiotics than the original parental cell type, and their presence is EASILY determined by normal testing methods. The problem is those two types of cells have NEVER been found in humans, nor has any link been found to connect them to actual disease.

That's the basic science. It sadly has developed a life of its own by some practitioners. There are most certainly parts of the human body that it is more difficult to "reach" with antibiotics. The male prostate is the most difficult, the human eye and cerebral spinal fluid also being difficult. The idea, though, of a bacteria having its own immune system, the ability to build a fortress around itself (while still being able to venture out and do its deed) is really pretty far fetched.


Thanks for this clarification, tj. It is important information.


Thank You tj.


I guess there are still some people out there that have not read your post yet tj1.


Lymeland is a fascinating place.


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The results of PTLDS are bad enough, and hard enough too research without the LLMD QUACKS and nut cases who wouldn't know a tick if it truly did bite them in the a** muddying the waters. Sadder yet is there at least two members of this forum that can I say with 100% certainty are dead as a result of lyme treatment (The Burranco Regime) who did not have lyme ever. One lived on a continent that has never had a case......


Your comments are interesting . I am not sure what your position is on Lyme Disease . I am from Memphis and was DX by a ID Doctor in 1999 and treated with IV antibiotics . I got remarkably better . All my symptoms did not go away . My visual problems improved during the treatment as did my mental clarity . The sensation/numbness I have on my left side did not seem to change . Because my symptoms worsened with time . I had to retire from my job and receive disability . I asked the Doctor that treated me about my continued symptoms , to which he attributed to residual damage from the disease . I have had a couple of extensive surgeries on my neck , Knee , shoulder and toe . My condition appears chronic . The Doctor that treated me in 1999 is not accepting any new patients now and I would be considered a new patient because of the time lapse sinse my last visit . I went to see a new ID Doctor a month ago and after our short office visit . She said " you don’t have Lyme , there’s no Lyme east of the Mississippi River and that was the end of my visit with her . I forgot to mention the reason I decided to respond was a cyst was removed at least three times during my past surgeries . This was never mentioned prior to the surgery . It was something found after going in .