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Medical marijuana and Lyme disease


So today I had an appointment with my doctor,and after struggling through the symptoms of Lyme disease and two other co infections, I brought up the possibility of medical marijuana as a way to ease the symptoms. All other methods have failed me and the burbur detox, which is used to ease a Herx reaction is a little too expensive for me right now.

My doctor was actually very supportive and suggested it may be something I could benefit from if I was able to get approved. I called a place here in New York state and sent over my medical records. I was approved for it because of my chronic pain and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (even though we all know it’s lyme disease). But the fibro diagnosis has made it easier for me to try and apply for disability and even now medical marijuana.

I began doing some research and came across a few websites that were very informative on the benefits of cannabinoids. The links are below.



To sum it up, medical marijuana has an ability to act as an antibiotic and antiparasitic substance that could in fact help kill the bugs along with providing a patient with pain relief! It also has the ability to strengthen the immune system and promote tremendous anti inflammatory abilities in the body!

For any of those out there, that have tried smoking marijuana and felt worse- heart pounding, shortness of breath , anxiety symptoms- well thats because the marijuana is causing a herx reaction in the body! Therefore it’s better to obtain medical marijuana with all the healing properties rather than smoking it. Each strain is made to promote certain aspects of healing.

With all that being said, I am looking forward to trying it and seeing what it has in store for my body. I know every system is different but I’m praying that this might be an answer to fighting the disease and providing relief.

If anyone has experience using medical marijuana in their treatment for Lyme disease, please share your stories!! And I would also like to hear if anyone has come across studies suggesting that medical marijuana may not be a great idea. I’m open to opinions!!


At a dead end with drs its the only thing that helps my pain.


Well that’s true,it can help especially when you have really intense pain! My brother used it some time ago, his doctor prescribed it… and it helped a lot! Actually after this he couldn’t stop using it, and now he is spending lots of time on onlinepharmacyreviews.org searching for something that will help him to quit! I really hope that he is going to feel much better!


I do not agree. I’ve had Lymes for 20 years, and medicated with marijuana for all of that time. it has never helped, and i’ve had to stop now that i’m older and need better jobs to sustain my family. sure, emotionally it’s been hit or miss but mostly helpful, but it’s not going to help with the mental acuity, nutritional balance, and i don’t know about the herx reaction honestly. i’ve read the studies, and had the medicinal stuff too, but i can not commit my own experience to a positive opinion. my personal journey has led me to a sideways approach, learning to persist as opposed to continuing to waste time looking for cures. supplements nutrition and research instead of drugs are the only things that have truly provided me with any lasting relief. i deal, i suffer, and i endure. i recommend everyone learn to do the same if the medical approach fails you as it has me. sounds dark but that’s what i’ve got.


I stumbled across this tonight and I have to add my story about medical marijuana and Lyme. I have had Lyme for more than 20 years but in early 2017 I had multiple tick bites(14) which crashed my immune system. One of the signs of Lyme is alcohol intolerance and I love my beer! I used to have at least 4 pints on a night out but now I could not drink more than a half pint without getting drunk (falling down drunk) with severe hangover. I have been doing the antibiotic route with many herbals and supplements for 8 months. We went out a few weeks ago and I ordered my pint to have a few sips but I ended up sipping it all evening with no signs of inebriation. I have had 3 more beers on 3 other nights with the same success! Happy girl here. But to the medical marijuana, which I had always used for insomnia and pain (nightly for 5 years), it now is packing a punch for me I cannot tolerate it, 1 hit and I am over the line, almost to the point that it is making me ill. So I am thinking that this is also a herx that has to be overcome. I know I am getting better, I can make it a whole day (12 hours) without being totally exhausted and crying with fatigue. Actually, today is 14 hours but I did take a 15 minute cat nap. I hope all on here finds their way to cope and persevere.


I got a license in MA and have found medical marijuna to be a helpful extra therapy for lyme. I use it most to deal with pretty uncomfortable joint pain that I experience during die off, especially since I hate having to take NAISDs. It’s also been useful for anxiety. High CBD stains are great for both those things and a couple puffs on a pax vaporizer is enough to alleviate sxs without getting me stoned. (For those of you who have little experience with weed, think of it like having one beer vs getting very drunk). Definitely worth looking in to if you are interested and it’s legal in your state. FYI You may have to go to a special doctor to get a license since some traditional MDs don’t want to get tangled up in the legality of medical marijuna.


I have been using medical marijuana for close to a year and on my bad days it is the only way that I can get out of bed. But I also feel guilty that I have to smoke as often as I do. If it helps it is a great option to make daily life a little easier


I had an appointment for medical marijuana, I just never went through with it. Simply because it’s expensive and I don’t feel like it’s worth it. But I have tried medical marijuana before, and I like it at night to help me sleep but I need something to help with energy and brain fog. Not sure if that’s the road I would need to take.