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Monolaurin and Japanese Knotweed


Would anyone have any experience using either Monolaurin or Japanese Knotweed in the treatment of Lyme? I am looking for a natural means of fighting this horrible disease.


Here is what I found, though Richard seems to be our herb man.




Hi Chester57,

I did take knotweed for a few months as part of the herbal protocol described by Stephen Buhner in the book "Healing Lyme". I required antibiotics because of the severity of my infection however and discontinued the herbal protocol. If you have a chance to read Buhner's book there are several herbal protocols based on your exact symptoms. My Lyme doctor is a naturopath and I also take arteminisin for Babesia. Do you have a Lyme specialist?


No I do not. The LLMD I was diagnosed by when I lived in PA moved and stopped taking insurance. Now I have relocated to Florida and no LLMD's in area. Cannot afford the cost of "LLMD" even if I were to travel to one. I was thinking of trying knotweed or cat's claw and then also heard of people having success with monolaurin. I am going Monday to have thyroid re-eval. I was only tested for TSH level in Jan. which was normal at 1.31; however, they never tested T3 or T4. I am not sure if Lyme is only issue. The joint pain (hands, fingers, wrists, ankles, knees) is mind boggling, sore soles of feet, cannot hold anything cold in my hands (ice is a form of torture) neck is cracking like a walnut, night sweats, rib pain, anxiety, depression, crying often, headaches, stabbing pain in head, etc.


Hi Chester57,

I agree the symptoms are mind-boggling! And they traverse the entire body like we are being attacked from all sides! I completely understand all the symptoms you mention...pain, sweating, psychological...you are not alone there! I pay my Lyme doc cash...found one but she doesn't take my State insurance. I have found that ND's (naturopathic doctors) are more open to treating for Lyme even if he or she is not a Lyme specialist. So perhaps you could see a ND and get help with your herbal protocol...I highly recommend Stephen Buhner's book if you haven't read it already. You might even take the book with you to appointments...some of the herbs are very strong and interact with prescriptions...so always tell docs what you are taking. Do you have a general practitioner who acknowledges you have Lyme? Hope you are having a good day...


I have a GP in Pennsylvania who acknowledged I have Lyme and he has prescribed Doxy on numerous occasions when symptoms recurred. I recently had several surgeries in under a year on my knee and that really set it off. However, now that I have relocated I have to find a new GP. I am just not sure if there is a thyroid issue too. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.


Hi Chester57,

I spent three years trying to find a GP who would acknowledge Lyme. Luckily it has gotten a little easier to make them understand...I used to carry my positive Lyme tests to all new doctors to gauge his or her reaction...Here is a link to find Lyme doc in your area, I believe the search is by zip code:


You might call the people on your list and see if he or she takes your insurance and could be a GP. There could be a thyroid issue as you suspect, but also co-infections with the Lyme, which can cause a host of symptoms. Sorry to hear your symptoms got set off by surgeries; hope the surgery helped your knees though. Keep us posted on how you are doing, I hope you are able to find a good doc!


The founders and management of Ben's Friends are currently working to create a go to network of Doctors who are versed in rare disease, and hopefully Lyme literate Doctors will be included! This will be a tremendous resource to us!


HI all,

Does anyone know if there is a supplement called Chinese wormwood?? I have the sweet wormwood. I am curious since I saw it somewhere, but can't remember where.

Thank you so much.



Hi Pooderdog,

The only thing I know of is the supplement artemisinin, which is derived from sweet wormwood. I take artemisinin for babesia as well as Mepron. Does your doctor recommend that you take sweet wormwood? It is a very strong herb so definitely talk to your healthcare provider about it before you take it. Are you in treatment for Lyme currently?