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Neuro Lyme or MS?


Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m DeAnna, I was diagnosed with Lyme in December 2016. As of now, I just received results from my MRI that suggest I have multiple white matter lesions on my brain. Which can mean a lot of things, it is connected to Lyme disease and also diseases like MS. My primary care doctor says this happens to a lot of people who have Lyme, which after doing some research I see is true. I’ve found a lot of people get diagnosed with MS when they have Lyme and vise versa.

As for my symptoms, they’re so much worse within the past few months. I’m used to joint pain and fatigue but now they’ve been: numbness, tingling, losing vision, random shooting pains feeling like pinched nerves. The other day I couldn’t even walk. Yesterday, I was on my campus and I couldn’t walk up the stairs. I have a neurologist appointment next week who is going to do a bunch of things like a spinal tap (woohoo) and who knows what else.

I feel like this is never ending. It hasn’t even been a year yet since diagnosis and this has been the worst I’ve ever felt. I just want it to be over with but unfortunately it just gets worse.

I’m hoping this neurologist can’t grant me some relief of pain and working treatment…will keep you updated.

Thanks for reading.


Hi my name is Nina I also have Lyme disease . My Lyme has also caused a lot of problems for me I am needing surgery for my arms I have carpal Tunnel in both arms. I also have pain in my legs such as burning, numbness and tingling. I deal with it every day but some days are better than others. I find that water therapy helps at times. I do my best to have a good attitude I think God helps me to overcome and fight the Lyme I also see doctors a lot and have blood work done on a regular basis. I wish you the best I understand your struggle God Bless you


Hello, I get it, myself I started with symptoms around ten years ago and have getting treatment for three years. Finally, my doc says I am vastly over it, so, IT CAN BE DONE. I hope you have a good support system around you. Question, do the lesions in your MRI appear like say grape clusters? A few years ago, a woman I know here is michigan had a procedure to restore spinal fluid circulation, trouble is, although the surgery worked, her lesions wee never diagnosed/identified, even after path results shared across the globe.

Have you ever researched Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction? Mat shed some light for you. The only therapy that has truly helped me in called LDI (low dose immunno therapy ), You may also wish to check out Lyme disease biofilm, it may help you understand why the antibiotics dont help like you wish they should. DONT QUIT.


Wow this is useful info! I will look into these treatments for my very sick friend.


Its my sincerest pleasure to try to help folk like myself, You also may want to check out a site called envita.com
THey are private/cash only BUT they treat two things cancer and lyme disease, they have wonderfull educational videos about how the disease works. Please tell your friend God does still love them forever and EVERYONE FIGHTS NO ONE QUITS!