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Hello my name is Beth.
I noticed a large bullseye mark on stomach 3 years ago and thought it was a spider bite. My health steadily declined. Had a lumbar fusion the following year and thought my symptoms were related to that. My first major issue was uncontrollable sweat. I couldn’t do anything without being dripping wet with sweat. After that I started falling with leg weakness and cronic uncontrollable pain which I thought was related to my back. Had several procedures and ultimately ended up with a stimulator implanted in my back. In the meantime my health keeps declining always having a new symptom once a month. I started having facial numbness and once it travelled down my body. Doctors thought it was from having reactions to meds. My first grandchild was born and i couldn’t even go for the delivery due to my issue with falling that was out of control that day. My daughter was married a month later I couldn’t participate in any of the planning. Luckily I made it to the wedding but I was dripping with sweat the whole time and all the pictures my body was leaning. Now I have full body pain and nerve pain that is unbearable. I finally reached the conclusion that I just wanted to die. I started doing research and realized what is going on. I made a appointment with my doctor for a blood test. Luckily I already have an appointment with a neurologist. Now my temp fluctuates all over the place with the facial numbness. Recently I had a 95.1. During the period of this illness if I had 2 or 3 days were my pain was manageable I would get my hopes up only to be crushed by worsening symptoms. Im not able to participate in basic life. I can’t believe how much hope I have just finally knowing what is going on.