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New to forum, with chronic TBI


First diagnosed with TBI in 2012, (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Echilish(?), and probably Lyme. The fourth VA doctor finally look at test results, the other three can’t read. Since 2012 I’ve had Rabbit Fever (2013) and now is feels as if the 2012 episode is being repeated. New bite mid June this year.
I used and am trying to use H. Burher’s protocol. Most opened to all suggestions.

I am also seeking an MD in the North Central Arkansas area.

Thanking all, for any assistance.

Robert (Bob) Root
Marshall, Ar.


Hi there, Bob! I’m glad you found us, and I hope that we will be able to help you with support and information. Have you tried using our search feature, the magnifying glass near your avatar on the upper right? Sometimes the right key words can unlock a treasure trove of new information and members who might be able to help.

Often members have good results finding doctors when they start a new thread with a specific subject line such as "Looking for an MD in North Central Arkansas" Why not give that a try and see what new friends you might meet?

All the best to you from all of us here

Seenie from Moderator Support