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Only partially positive?


Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome is in the title as well as this:


NO ONE owns a discussion here. On average each post is read by 200 - 300 folks who are learning and exploring. It is a peer to peer network where it isn't about anyone. Zach gave you some networks where that is not the case. If You think I am fishing for an apology, think again. You haven't been as clear as you think. We are simply answering what you bring up as others have the same questions or are dealing with the same information. No one is belittling anything. I am truly sorry you are not hearing what you hoped for or expected.


Heather, I am sorry that you feel like we've jumped on you. We can be a bit agressive. There is a reason for it though. We have seen so many people suffer from bad treatment and actually DIE as a result of that bad treatment. Anytime we get a new member on here who is being mislead, we jump in. the mantra from the other side can be so appealing and we have to act strongly in order to get people's attention. We got yours and I am so glad for that. I sinncerely hope that you are able to get the care that you need and find out what is actually going on with your body. Not know sucks so much and it can be incredibly frustrating. We have all been there and struggled through that. Our purpose here is to support people who have Lyme disease and Post treatment lyme disease syndrome; we also help people who have been misdiagnosed, mislead, and try to steer them to the right doctors so that they can get help and feel better. It is also our sincere hope that not another person ends up on long term treatment for a condition that doesn't exist.

There aren't two schools of thought on this matter. there is one that is proven and backed up by study after study, and another where practitioners directly profit from making their patients sick.


Wow! That was an awesome clarification. I appreciate that so much. You have made me feel so much better about all this and I’m glad you guys are taking the time to spell it out and warn people of these doctors over diagnosing! Can you recommend any websites or books with GOOD information on the topic?


Here is a great one:


and this is a great list:



Hi Heather I hope by now you have got some answers-Lyme is a cover up by governments and doctors-Read Prof Donald Scott’s research-it is all there. Also Prof Garth Nicolson’s (GWS) Lyme was activated in labs as a Germ warfare agent-and I believe that Antibodies to Lyme are very difficult to find. EuroLyme and LUIS are UK sites-very good. The lady that set up EuroLyme was ai radiologist studying cancer I believe. Immuniologists in UK have not got a clue-3 denied I had Lyme though I had 3 positive tests-after 30yrs I am now on 3 different antibiotics-helping a great deal-oh and try to keep off sugar-