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Pain Relief through Diet


I’ve been keeping up with post on this site for the most part, reading and contemplating what everyone has to say. I thought I’d share a small success with all of you. With the passing of my father a little over a month ago, while taking the nightshift to help ease the strain on my mother, I was surfing my wall on facebook early on morning when I saw a post that caught my attention. All I could do with it at that time was share it so that II could come back later and follow up on it. Once the funeral arrangements were made and I was home again, I was able to check it out. The post was a link to a site talking about gut health and how the foods we eat can contribute to the pain we feel. Well after spending a horrific two months in the worst kind of pain, I thought what the heck, I’ve got nothing to loose, so I decided to go Grain Free as the article suggested. OMGosh, is all I can say!! My pain level that I experience went from climbing the walls and wanting to rip the drywall down to I’ve got some of my life back!! Yes, Im still in pain, but OMGosh what an improvement!!! I am now working on healing my gut, as I do know I have a leaky gut, that was confirmed several years ago, but I wasn’t told how to correct it, just that I was very very ill and needed to work with my DR in-order to get well, what a joke that was!! So, I’m just putting it out there for anyone who is interested, this might be something worth looking into. I firmly believe that a healthy gut contributes to a healthier body and if the gut is compromised, then our health is compromised as well. Hope this gives someone some help they are desperately looking for as it did for me! Good Luck


I'm so glad you found something that helps you feel much better, Supermom. Thank you for sharing.