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Tdap vaccination


My boyfriends sister is about to have a baby and wants everyone who will be around him to get their Tdap shot. Has anyone had their shot while undergoing treatment? Did it have an effect?


If you don’t get it you probably can’t get around the baby. My husband has Lyme and received the flu and herpes zoster vaccine with out a problem. I don’t know what kind of treatment you are on
I would like to know out of curiosity. We are always trying to find a successful treatment. Good luck with your illness.

Jessica Shepard


I signed up for this forum just for this post, i think everyone needs to be aware of this. I personally have been irreversibly damaged by a dtap shot. Like a lot of people, I was an asymptomatic lyme carrier until i received the vaccination. Hours later a world of %$#& opened up on me and hasnt relented since. Some treatments have helped, but for the most part its been a continual downward spiral for the last almost twenty years now, and my immune system just cannot be controlled. It eventually turned into a bad case of mast cell activation syndrome which now makes me intolerant to almost all medications, chemicals, and even foods. I have tried literally everything offered by conventional, integrative and alternative medicine and my case seems hopeless at this point.

Im not the only one. I know of several people and personally know a few people with lyme who were never symptomatic until they received a flu or tetanus shot. Ive even read a few peoples blogs and posts who had done well with their recovery from lyme. Then upon receiving a vaccine were thrown right back to square one.

They are extremely immune stimulating, which is pretty much the opposite bottom line goal of lyme treatment. Do so at your own risk.

I can’t imagine why someone would say you likely cant be around the baby if you haven’t had it. Calculate the odds of you contracting one of those and being asymptomatic (in the latency period) during the period which you are around the baby. Millions of people are around babies every day that aren’t “up” on their dtap. Transmission via those means to an infant, well, I can’t imagine how rare that is. I tried and couldnt find a case of it in a fairly thorough online search. Just sayin. I’m not condoning being wreckless around babies at all and am a very loving father, i’m just trying to lay it out there like it actually is. I know this is a very controversial topic, I just thought all sides of the subject should be presented before a decision, potentially permanently life altering for the worse (lyme patients are very fragile, i think that should go without saying), is made.


I am taking iv rocephin and clindomycine twice a day 4 days a week as well as ozone treatment 4 days a week. My symptoms have almost completely disappeared