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I want to know how to help my daughter who has suffered with Lyme since childhood. She also has back and teeth problems so is uncomfortable most days. She is very intelligent and very frustrated that nothing she has tried seems to give relief. I want to support her but support from people who know what she is going through would be more helpful. thank you.


Hello. I am not a doctor… However, as a passionate for recovery Lymie, bit in 2001, I do this and so far Ive been improving slowly n steadily… Here goes.

Liquid Stevia extract without alcohol, from Sprouts or Wholefoods.( ~ $20/bottle)
Odorless Garlic from Walmart( $6/2 pack)
Pau D’arco extract pillies from Sprouts, Wholefood etc.(~ $10)

I take one good gulp of Stevia, wait 10-15 mins and then take few garlic capsules and around 4 Pau D’arco pills. I repeat this every 3-4 hrs around the clock, even at night! Good Luck!


I began feeling my feet again!!!


Btw Nutrasilver does work but it’s so freaking expensive, who can afford that??!


Thanks so much for responding to me in November. I was wondering about the Stevia part. Is that a lure for the bugs? I’d love to hear more and how is your recovery going? Again, than you! Butterfly


stevia, a lure? then overwhelm the bugs with garlic and Pau d’arco?


Dear Butterfly…Stevia is not exactly the lure. It’s more like the cocktail of antibiotic substances that plants naturally protect themselves with from pathogens. The research in this area was conducted by prof. Eva Sapi at univ.of Connecticut who herself had Lyme disease. Her paper came out early last year.