Lyme Disease Support by Ben's Friends

This is the end of lyme disease

I’m amazed, excited and relieved. Former nurse and lyme patient, I used silver colloids, garlic oil, e stim, and more. I put my disease almost to remission but when quitting the protocols all my symptoms came back. Enter copper 1.
Ionized copper is different from all other copper supplements and I have been off the copper for 6 months without a relapse. This is the end of Lyme disease. Seriously!!! I am a professional advocate and now am searching out profiteers and frauds who really gain so much from sufferers.

The owner of copper 1, patent has given me permission to distribute free supplements, 80 dollar value to true Lyme sufferers.

Just email your request for free sample. and someone will email you back.

Here is more information.

Bret Peirce
Licensed Nurse