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Treatment seems to be working, I feel my feet again!


Dear friends,

I thought I would quote what I wrote to the member butterfly,

_"Hello. I am not a doctor… However, as a _
_passionate for recovery Lymie, bit in 2001, I do this and so far Ive _
been improving slowly n steadily… Here goes.

Liquid Stevia extract without alcohol, from Sprouts or Wholefoods.( ~ $20/bottle)
Odorless Garlic from Walmart( $6/2 pack)
Pau D’arco extract pillies from Sprouts, Wholefood etc.(~ $10)

_I take one good gulp of Stevia, wait 10-15 mins and then take few _
_garlic capsules and around 4 Pau D’arco pills. I repeat this every 3-4 _
hrs around the clock, even at night! Good Luck!"

Please remember this treatment may not work for everyone and please let your infectious diseases doctor know about this option, shall you decide to try,- asap! All I’m saying is that it has been steadily yet slowly improving my physical and mental state, while protecting my heart from carditis or some other nasty cloggage. I have controlled palpitations pretty darn good with garlic pills. I eat it by mouthfull daily. I happened to be chronically hypertensive too and I take my 4 blood pressure meds religiously. The result is normal heart rate and pressure.